Robot Construction Machinery Company.

Mast-Climber Supplier Specialist with the largest fleet in the middle-east. 

Provides design, plan, and supervision by the experts engineering team.

  Self Erecting Crane, Cradles, and Construction Hoist Expert supplier.

Mast Climber
Mast Climber
Self Erecting Crane
Construction Hoist


Construction Machinery.



Mast Climbing System.

* Greate Width Of Working Platform. 

* Exactly Working Height.

* Lifting The Materials

* Easier Access, Workers Are Lifted Up On The Machine

* Visable Façade Avoid Intrusion Risk.

* No Destruction 

* Up To 4,800 Kg Lifting Capacity.

Mobile Self Erecting Crane.

* Automatic self-erecting.

* Possibility to work in all kind of   applications. 

* Operate on a very small footprint.

* Easy shifting into or between sites. 

* One push button erection in               15 minutes to Operate. 

Customized Lifting & Access System.

* Steel structure Design Serve the building façade     all around

  Equipped with unlimited lifting Moving in four             directions 

* Access platform to the exact       Location Required moving In four directions 

* Special Design for Sophisticated Applications



Preconstruction Logistic Planning

Developing an efficient and effective unbiased logistics plan that considers the full facility expansion capability on your site. 

Designing a distribution solution 

Focusing on all areas to ensure an efficient design that supports the clients’ requirements.

Access & Lifting System

Study, measure, engineer, fabricate, modify and install each system individually.

Our services are tailored to the specific project requirements.

Our team consists of spicialists in sophisticated project design.  

Facade activity 

Develop the construction processes, methods and sequences for the building façade.

Major focus on the duration length and scheduling impact for each item on the entire project façade. 



Robot Construction Machinery. 
Dubai Based Specialist Supplier Providing...
  • Access Equipment.
  • Lifting Equipment.
  • Custom made Lifting System & Solution.
Within the Last 10 Years, We Have Been Providing Custom-Made Access, Lifting System & Solutions
For The Most Prominent Development And Construction Companies In The U.A.E, And The Gulf Area. 


  • Successfully Executed Many Large Complex Projects.

  • Lifting Heavy Panels Cladding Such As GRC, Precast,...

  • Known In The Uae And In Other Countries With 100% Safe Operation Execution.

  • “Zero” Accident History.

  • Combines All The Essential Resources And Skills Needed.

  • Providing Clients With The Accurate Quality Solutions.

  • Pride On Quality And Comprehensive Knowledge.

  • Exceeding Clients’ Expectations.

  • Providing The Right Solutions That Will Match  Clients Requirements.





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